We provide complete design activities of all types of forming tools. Outputs in .stp, .x-t, solid works, .igs, .dxf, .pdf, partlist in .xls format. We provide design, including adjustments, that take place on tools during tuning processes.

Production of serial tools

The company provides the production of serien tools for cold die-forming according to our designs or on the basis of customer-designs. We provide the production of new components for tools in the form of cooperative production including assembly and testing and production of spare parts of tools.

Production of prototype tools

We provide the production of prototype tools according to our own or customer’s design. The assembly, tuning, production and supply of prototype moldings.

Advisory activity

Based on many years of experience in mechanical engineering management, we offer and perform advisory work to optimize, streamline and make productive major processes in engineering companies to maximize financial savings.